Collaborative Climate Committee

CCC Organizational Document  (Updated in September 2015)
CCC Organizational Document (Approved in January 2011)

Maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, inspirational, and productive environment remains a very high priority for GLEON. As the nature of the organization evolves through programmatic growth, turnover in personnel (plus growth by individuals), and a natural shift in science and technology emphasis, we felt it was critical to have multiple mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating GLEON's organizational environment. One mechanism was the creation of a feedback survey that all GLEON participants take at the end of GLEON meetings. A second mechanism was the formation of a committee to evaluate and respond to survey results, as well as other, less formal feedback. Details of this committee follow.

A task force was convened in Madison, Wisconsin, September 3rd and 4th 2008 to formalize our evaluation approach. Out of this meeting came the formation of the Collaborative Climate Committee (CCC). The initial goals of the CCC were to make recommendations to the GLEON and RCN Steering Committees on how to better integrate students into GLEON and to take positive action to improve student experiences at the GLEON 7 meeting in Sweden. However, the CCC quickly expanded its scope to include attention to all of the GLEON membership. Voluntary participation in the task force was solicited by Paul Hanson from the GLEON RCN Steering Committee. Others were asked to participate because of their experience with graduate students, their expertise with organizational issues, or to represent the diversity of interests from various career stages/types, science and technology expertise and geography within GLEON.

Ex-Officio Chair

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