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Full Professor in Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Uppsala, Sweden

Full Professor in Aquatic Biogeochemistry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden
The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU in Uppsala) has announced a full professorship in “Aquatic Biogeochemistry with focus on Surface Waters in the Agricultural Landscape”. Focus is on biogeochemical and hydrological processes that influence the concentrations, transports, and effects of nutrients and other substances in lakes and water courses, from the scale of headwaters to river mouths, with a focus on the agricultural landscape.
Duties: The professor shall develop and lead a distinguished group of scientists with the ability to attract external funding. This includes taking advantage of collaborative opportunities within the Department and with the rest of SLU. The professor is also expected to plan and realize teaching and supervision at different levels. In addition, the professor is expected to foster cooperation within the department and with society.
A person who has demonstrated both academic and teaching skills shall be qualified for appointment as a professor. The candidate should be scientifically skilful within the area of employment and hold a doctorate, and the qualifications required for appointment as Associate Professor or equivalent. The applicant should be pedagogically skilful and be able to integrate pedagogical application with the role of researcher. The applicant is an active and successful scientist in the subject area with the ability to attract external funding.
Assessment criteria:
Assessment for the appointment shall be based on the degree in which a candidate possesses the skill required to qualify for appointment. Furthermore, regard shall be paid to the degree in which a candidate possesses administrative and other skills of importance, taking into account the subject matter determined by the institution of higher education for the position and the duties that the position will involve. Moreover, regard shall be paid to the degree in which a candidate possesses skills in developing and managing activities and staff at the higher education institution and aptitude in interacting with the surrounding community and informing people about research and development projects. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching skills as to the assessment of academic skills.
Place of work: Uppsala, Sweden
Form of employment: Permanent
Extent: 100 %
Starting date: By agreement
Application: The scientific and pedagogic documentation submitted in support of the application shall be indicated in the application, and one copy of each document shall be made available to the Registrar at the time of application. At most 10 scientific publications and at most 10 pedagogic publications, including popularized versions, should be submitted in support of the application. In addition a complete list of publications shall be supplied; the publications submitted with the application must be indicated. When expert reviewers have been appointed, the applicant(s) will be informed to send copies of the documentation listed in the application to each one of the reviewers.
Application, addressed to the Vice-Chancellor, SLU, quoting Ref no. SLU ua 4238/2015, together with a current CV and other documents that the applicant wishes to submit, must be received by the Registrar, SLU, P. O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden or by January 20, 2016.
Further information:
or contact:
Willem Goedkoop
Head of Department
+46(0)18-67 31 12

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