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GlobalLink Undergraduate Internships

TO: GLEON members and affiliates
GlobalLink internship projects available
Please share this posting with good undergraduate students that you know (80% average or >) from the following countries: Australia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Mexico, France, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia
My colleague and I have a couple of GlobalLink internship projects available in the City of Toronto at Ryerson University. If the student qualifies, the program is really a wonderful opportunity. (see details here: 
Applications are due: Sept 24th, 2015. Please have the prospective student search for a project listed under my and my colleague's name (Dr. Stephanie Melles; Dr. Claire Oswald). The intern would work on data analysis (GIS and R) looking at water quality data related to road salt inputs in an urban stream. They would receive training in the work to be performed, but should have excellent undergraduate-level skills in stats and data analysis - some field work may be involved. My colleague Dr. Oswald has a related project with more emphasis on field work. If possible, they should apply to both.  
Globalink Research Interns receive, free of charge*:
  • A matched project with a Canadian professor and university, based on your research interests, skills and expertise
  • Flight to Canada (amount varies depending on country of origin)
  • Transportation from airport in Canada to accommodations
  • Housing
  • Health Insurance
  • Student Enrollment Fees
  • Stipend for food and incidentals (amount varies depending on country of origin)
  • Support from graduate student mentors on-campus in Canada
  • Registration for industry events and professional development workshops
  • Globalink Research Internship certificate of completion
*Some universities require interns to contribute a portion of the financial cost in order to participate.  If your university has this requirement, you will be notified before a project offer is made.
In addition to the benefits listed above, Globalink Research Internship alumni can apply for the Globalink Graduate Fellowship, which provides up to $30,000 CAD over three years towards Master’s and/or PhD programs in Canada.
Stephanie J. Melles, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Spatial Ecology
Ryerson University, Department of Chemistry & Biology 
Office: VIC-716, 285 Victoria St., 7th floor
Mailing Address: 350 Victoria St., Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 3413; Fax: (416) 542-5894

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