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Multiple Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Positions Vermont EPSCoR

Vermont EPSCoR is recruiting several postdoctoral associates and PhD level graduate students to join our cutting-edge NSF funded research on Basin Resilience to Extreme Events (BREE).  We are initiating a five-year award of large-scale interdisciplinary studies which will determine how the Lake Champlain Basin’s landscape, watershed and lake conditions respond to extreme weather events and will test policy scenarios for enhancing resilience using our comprehensive Integrated Assessment Model (IAM). As a member of the BREE team, you will have excellent mentoring and participate in unique learning and professional development experiences including learning to communicate your science through our program with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.


The following positions are available:

  • Nutrient Biogeochemistry, Catchment Hydrology, and Limnology Postdoc (Position ID: PDA#001)
  • Policy and Social Modeling Postdoc (Position ID: PDA#002)
  • Computational Modeling of Social Ecological Systems and Coupled Natural and Human Systems Postdocs (2 positions) (Position ID: PDA#034)
  • Soil-Watershed PhD Student (Position ID: GRA#001)
  • Lake PhD Student (Position ID: GRA#002)
  • Hydroclimatology and Hydrometeorology PhD student (Position ID: GRA#004)
  • Computational Social Science, Economic and Policy Modeling PhD Student (Position ID: GRA#005)
  • Computational Science, Engineering, Complex Systems, or Applied Mathematics PhD Student (Position ID: GRA#007)
  • Climate Statistics PhD Student (Position ID: GRA#008)

Please visit for more information and instructions on how to apply.

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