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Postdoc positions at University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences

The University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences ( is looking for post-doctoral fellows. Understanding and predicting the behavior of complex biological systems requires a framework that can integrate across levels of biological organization, can capture nonlinear feedbacks in dynamical systems, and can incorporate and facilitate mechanistic understanding. This is the challenge of the future of biology. Meeting this challenge requires a multidisciplinary approach that relies heavily on innovations in quantitative fields such as mathematics, computer science, statistics, and engineering. It also requires strong integration (or re-integration) of molecular biology with organismal biology. Meeting the food, water, and energy needs of a growing human population, while minimizing adverse impacts of habitat alteration, climate change, invasive species, overexploitation, and pollution on human health and ecological systems – operate at scales from molecules to ecosystems, and there is a pressing need to develop the science that can cross these scales. The University of Minnesota is developing research and curricular initiatives focused on addressing grand challenges, and this program is part of CBS’ contribution to the university-wide programs.
If you are interested in one of these positions and would be interested in applying some of these tools and concepts to aquatic systems, please contact: Twin Cities Campus- Jim Cotner ( or Jacques Finlay ( or Duluth—LLO: Bob Sterner ( Areas of research that fit the program’s needs and my research program could address (but are certainly not limited to) eutrophication and algal blooms (nutrient export from agricultural and urban systems; ecological stoichiometry, how to feed the world without destroying it; effects of eutrophication on diversity of aquatic ecosystems), climate change and aquatic systems (changing climate and the Great Lakes, hypoxia frequency in freshwaters, temperature effects on bacterial biomass stoichiometry, climate change and bacterial diversity).
More information on these positions and how to apply:

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