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Postdoctoral Research Fellow (forskarassistent) in Limnology, Sweden

Uppsala University is recruiting a Research Associate at the Limnology research program of the Department of Ecology and Genetics. The research at the program includes aquatic communities and populations, microbial ecology, and biogeochemistry and climate (see The program also offers a field station (the Erken laboratory).
The position is meant to offer opportunities to (i) build an independent research platform and gain scientific merits and (ii) gain pedagogical education, training and experience (i.e., teaching and supervision). Ultimately, the aim is to provide the holder with an opportunity to qualify for the next career stage (tenured researcher/lecturer/professor). Thus, although it is primarily a research position, teaching and supervision should be included to enable to build pedagogical merits.
The position is limited to four years. The successful candidate is likely to have some postdoctoral research experience, however, eligible candidates should have their PhD exam no more than seven years prior to the application deadline. 
For further information about the position, please contact Professor Lars Tranvik, e-mail .
Applications are welcome latest May 29, 2015.

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