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Site Manager, Dorset Environmental Science Centre, Canada

Site Manager, Dorset Environmental Science Centre

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Canada, requires your scientific and management expertise to plan and manage the scientific and technical programs, activities and staff of the Dorset Environmental Science Centre, the province's centre of expertise on inland lake water quality.

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role you will
- Manage the monitoring, assessment and reporting of environmental issues affecting inland lakes;
- Manage the Site's financial, human, and material resources, and its facilities;
- Develop and maintain partnership and effective relationships with provincial, federal, university, and municipal stakeholders
How do I qualify?
Environmental and Aquatic Knowledge:
- You have knowledge and experience involving aquatic environmental science;
- You have a complete understanding of environmental issues affecting inland lakes in Ontario, including lakeshore development, acid rain, elevated mercury levels in sport fish, impacts of invading species, and global climate change;
- You know the theories, principles and practices in one or more of the disciplines of aquatic chemistry, aquatic biology, environmental toxicology, and environmental statistics;
- You know the theories and practices of aquatic environmental assessment evaluation, and scientific methodologies for environmental monitoring;
- You know current, state-of-the-art, and emerging developments in water monitoring, and analysis techniques, and advanced analytical testing procedures.
Legislative Knowledge:
- You can interpret, apply and comply with environmental and safety legislation (e.g. Ontario Water Resources Act, Environmental Protection Act, Lake Simcoe Protection Act,Occupational Health and Safety Act) 
-You know the regulations, guidelines, policies, and inter-provincial, provincial,federal agreements related to water resources assessment
Communication, Leadership, and Management Skills:
- You can coordinate the monitoring, assessment and reporting of these issues and provide related senior level expertise to ministry senior management;
- You have thorough knowledge of government standards, guidelines and processes for developing partnerships with other jurisdictions, including the greater public and private sectors;
- You can write in a clear and concise manner;
- You provide information in a way that is simple to understand;
- You can build strong relationships including partner and stakeholder relations;
- You are strategic in providing leadership;
- You know how to manage and supervise staff effectively;
- You have experience resolving complex issues.
Data Management, Research and Computer Skills:
-You have superior statistical /data analysis, research, and investigation skills;
- You have the ability to design water quality monitoring programs;
- You have good negotiation skills;
- You have excellent knowledge and skills in applying research techniques to investigate inland lake water quality including methods to assess biological communities of inland lakes;
- You know how to plan, organize, and coordinate projects and work activities effectively;
- You know how to use computer software applications (e.g.,. word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.).

How to Apply


Wednesday 12 August 2015 by 11:59 pm EDT. Late applications will not be accepted.


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