Registration is now closed

GLEON 19 registration closed on 15 September 2017. Late registrations will be handled depending on space availability. To modify an existing registration or inquire about late registration, email the local organizing committee using the contact information listed below.

Registered attendees are also required to secure a reservation at the Mohonk Mountain House (MMH) with a credit card unless you have been notified via email by the GLEON co-chairs that arrangements are being made for you (i.e., students receiving travel awards from the Cary Institute). See the Venue & Accommodation page for information about making reservations at MMH and Budget Your Travel for inclusive meeting package and day attendance rates. After the September 15th registration deadline, the GLEON 19 group rate will be offered only if space is available.

Please note that our discounted group rate assumes that all G19 attendees, with the exception of local residents, will stay and take meals on site at MMH. Those who live locally should notify the meeting organizers via the registration form (day attendance rates will apply). You are welcome (and encouraged) to bring spouses, partners, family members or guests with you but note but please note the guest charges, which also include meals. 

Bring your registration and MMH confirmation with you

Please bring a printed copy of your G19 Registration and MMH Reservation Confirmation number or save them on your phone/mobile device. Payment for the Inclusive Meeting Package (or daily attendance), additional fees for events (e.g., field trip cost, if applicable), or other guests accompanying you to the meeting can be paid for while you are at G19. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash are all accepted, except where noted in the meeting materials.

Questions about registration or MMH reservations?

If you have any questions about G19 registration or reservations, please contact Lisa Borre (borrel [at]

Registration and MMH reservation FAQs

Q: Who is responsible for making my reservation for accommodations at MMH?
 Registered attendees are required to reserve a room with a credit card, unless they have been notified via email by the GLEON co-chairs that housing arrangements are being made for them (i.e., students receiving travel awards from the Cary Institute). 

Q: How do I make reservations for accommodations at MMH?
Visit the Venue & Accommodation page on this GLEON 19 meeting website for detailed instructions. Information is provided for calling MMH directly or accessing a link to an online reservation form.

Q: What is included with the inclusive meeting package at MMH?
A: The inclusive meeting package (or full American plan) offered by MMH is not just for overnight accommodations. In addition to your hotel stay at the resort, the rate also includes the cost of meeting attendance, meals (3 per day), coffee breaks, local taxes, and administrative fees associated with putting on the meeting. Attendance costs and administrative fees are similar to what is normally included in the registration fee for other scientific conferences. 

Q: Does MMH offer a discounted rate for GLEON 19 meeting attendees?
A: The group rate offered for this exceptional facility is greatly discounted from the standard rates for the facility and is in-line with other conference facility packages in the U.S. If calling in your reservation, be sure to mention "GLEON 19" to receive the group rate. If booking MMH reservations online, the group rate should automatically be applied if you follow the link provided on this website (see Venue & Accommodation). For more information about MMH rates, visit Budget Your Travel.

Q: Is there a list of attendees looking to share a room at GLEON 19?
 Yes, local organizers and the GLEON Student Association (GSA) can help attendees find a roommate (no guarantees). Students should contact the GSA: Other attendees should contact Lisa Borre (borrel [at]

Q: If I already have someone to share a room with at GLEON 19, is there anything I need to do when making my reservation?
If you are sharing a double occupancy room at MMH, please provide the name of your roommate (if known) at the time of the reservation and indicate whether you require separate bills prepared for the final billing. If you are sharing a room with another attendee, only one person needs to secure the room with a credit card.


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