Budget Your Travel

UPDATED: 21 January 2018

You will need to budget for airfare, ferries, and the meeting package. The below costs are provided in USD but note that this is subject to currency variations. Also note that these costs will be updated following completion of registration, once we have final numbers confirmed, and in the meantime are provided as a guide.
Meeting Package Rates

An all-inclusive meeting package that includes meals and accommodation is being confirmed:

  • Double occupancy inclusive meeting package: ~$680 USD per person for 4 nights or ~$850 USD for 5 nights. This is approximately $170 USD per person per night. This may increase depending on desired accommodation and food options (to be confirmed).
  • Single occupancy inclusive meeting package:  ~$960 USD per person for 4 nights and ~$1,200 USD for 5 nights. This is approximately $240 per person per night.
  • Some 3 & 5 person shared rooms are also available and inclusive meeting packages for these will start from ~$540 per person for 4 nights and ~$675 for 5 nights. This is approximately $135 per person per night.


  • These vary depending on your starting destination and airline.


  • Ferries leave from several terminals and you should allow $40 - $80 USD for a return ticket. For more information about booking ferries, see Travel Information.

Other Costs 

  • Aside from the above costs, participants will also need to allocate funds for bicycle hire (if desired; ~$50 USD for 4 days), and the costs of other recreational activities that can be undertaken outside of the meeting times. Note that the island offers many natural attractions that are free, however, you may like to hire equipment such as snorkels or surfboards, etc. For more details, see http://www.rottnestisland.com/see-and-do and Travel Information.

Exchange Rates 

Exchange rates as of 21 January 2018 (units of foreign currency per A$):                                     

United States dollar


Chinese renminbi


Japanese yen


European euro


South Korean won


UK pound sterling



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