Budget Your Travel

You will need to budget for airfare, ground transportation, and the conference package that includes accommodation, meals, and meeting fees.

Conference Package Rates

Approximate Cost for Full Participation at the meeting (including participation, meals, lodging, onsite activities, meeting fees, and taxes) for students is $1040 USD ($208/day per person for a double occupancy room for 5 nights with check-in on Sunday, 3rd November and check-out on Friday, 8th November) and $832 USD for those arriving on Monday and staying 4 nights. The single occupancy meeting package rate is approximately $277/day per person or $1108 USD for 4 nights.

More reasonable conference package rates may be available for multiple occupancy suites. Information about the variety of room options will be provided when registration opens.


These vary depending on your starting destination and airline.

Ground Transportation

See the Travel Information page for details about ground transportation options. Approximate costs range from $100 USD round trip via public transit or $160 USD round trip for twice daily shuttles. The organizing committee is exploring a chartered bus service directly from the airport to the meeting venue for ~$40-$60 USD round trip.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates as of 30 January 2019 (units of foreign currency per Canadian dollar):                                     

United States dollar


Chinese yuan


Japanese yen


European euro


South Korean won


UK pound sterling



Updated: 5 February 2019


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