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Long-term Dissolved Oxygen

This project focuses on using long-term dissolved oxygen profiles to identify trends in dissolved oxygen at different depths (e.g., epilimnion vs. hypolimnion) among lakes with different watershed features and trophic status. We will explore the response of dissolved oxygen concentrations to changing water temperatures and how temperature and productivity interact to influence dissolved oxygen trends. Ideally, lakes will have at least 15 years of data including a dissolved oxygen/temperature profile taken at least annually near the height of thermal stratification. As of fall 2017, the project remains “green” and we are continuing to collect data contributions from GLEON members and affiliates. As of November 2017, we have data for >100 lakes, but would like to get more if possible. We are particularly interested in obtaining data from lakes that are relatively pristine, oligotrophic, and that have a well defined hypolimnion. We anticipate that we will move into the data analysis phase in early to mid 2018, during which the project will transition from “green” to “red”. Our hope is that we will have a manuscript draft completed towards the end of 2018. If interested in contributing to this project, please contact Steve Jane at or one of the other project leaders for more information.

2014-09-20 to 2018-12-31
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