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Thermal profiles and mixing in ponds

Ponds vastly outnumber larger lakes worldwide, yet we understand little about pond chemistry, biology, and physics relative to lakes.  The aim of this project is to study the ecological and physical parameters of ponds to evaluate what (if anything) makes them different from lakes.  Our primary goal is to evaluate thermal profiles and mixing regimes in ponds.  Thermal profiles and mixing are critical for understanding many chemical and biological phenomena in ponds, including nutrient recycling, primary production, greenhouse gas emissions, and oxygen dynamics.  As such, two secondary goals include evaluating pond ecosystem metabolism and greenhouse gas emissions.  We are especially interested in evaluating which pond characteristics, such as surface area, depth, water clarity, macrophytes, and productivity, best explain physical and chemical observations.  To address these research questions, we will launch a field campaign in 2018 and compile existing data sources.  We are especially interested in data on ponds with diverse characteristics, including depth, size, water clarity, and productivity.This project was initiated at the GLEON 19 meeting in New Paltz, New York, USA.

2017-11-30 to 2019-12-31

Project Phase


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