Software and Model Developments

Harmful cyanobacteria bloom science is currently in the global spot light due to recent large-scale toxic blooms.

GLEON members have developed a mobile application for research scientists and citizen scientists to record lake and water quality observations.

Currently, running a model such as GLM on a lake requires first determining a number of parameters.

GLEON artists and musicians are exploring and interpreting data through a variety of media, developing innovative ways to experience the data. Projects enhance collaboration, creativity and communication between the arts and sciences.

The overarching goal of this PRAGMA-GLEON expedition is to collaborate across the disciplines of computer science and limnology to discover the controls over the wax and wane of lake phytoplankton communities.

High-frequency lake monitoring data have been increasingly collected in recent years, and standard analysis supporting tools for these data are evolving. A tool for QA/QC for lake sensor data, B3, has been developed.

Lake Analyzer is a set of tools developed by GLEON members that allows users to calculate common metrics for lake physical states, such as Lake Number, Schmidt stability and Wedderburn number. All source code (Matlab), as well executables, are freely available and open source.

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