Acknowledging GLEON

The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) is a grass roots organization. Recording progress is important to grow and sustain GLEON. This growth and sustainability will be aided in part by the visibility of GLEON in the published literature, scientific presentations, and web-based materials. If you feel that work you are publishing, presenting at meetings, or posting on your own web site benefited from your participation in GLEON, its existence, or its products, it would be appropriate to acknowledge GLEON.


A suggested short acknowledgment in a paper might be:

"This work benefited from participation in or use of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON)."


Add to this the specific acknowledgement of funding. For example:

"This work benefited directly from support provided by the NSF Research Coordination Network Award."


On a slide for a meeting, it might be appropriate to simply list the GLEON acronym -- or one of the logos below -- where you acknowledge your other collaborators or collaborating organizations.


Please send us a copy of your paper or presentation or a link to it.



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