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[Archive page last updated: 2015]

GLEON media updates can now be found on our social media accounts (see links below). Please send an email to Lisa Borre if you would like to submit a notice of a GLEON-related award, press release or publication. For text-based media coverage of GLEON, please visit: GLEON in the News.


Radio Interviews:


  • Ökologie: Der Gossenköllesee (in German; "Ecology: Lake Gossenkoelle, Austria), University of Innsbruck YouTube Channel, 7 August 2015. The short video introduces Lake Gossenkoelle, 2400 meters a.s.l. is a research station affiliated with University of Innsbruck, with long-term water monitoring data from both in-situ sampling and buoy. Lake Gossenkoelle becomes the 2nd GLEON site from Austria; more information in English can be viewed here.


Radio Interview:

  • GLEON: the Science of Team Science, Wisconsin Public Radio (WXPR), 27 June 2013. GLEON founding chair Tim Kratz interviewed by Natalie Jablonski at the U.S. National Public Radio (NPR) affiliated community radio station in northern Wiscosin in June 2013. Listen here at WXPR online.

Videos & Webinar Recording: 

Prior to 2012:

See full article: "From sky and lake, Researchers study blue-green algae", College of Engineering News, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2010.

  • Organizations Team Up to Monitor Lake Health - Your Public Media, WNPR (19 May 2010)
  • From sky and lake, researchers study blue-green algae - The College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison (27 April 2010); view a video of the buoy deployment on Lake Mendota in April 2010.
  • Tim Kratz and Paul Hanson were recent guests on WUWM radio where they discussed GLEON. They talk about the importance of the network in helping to understand the science of inland lakes by sharing data that is streamed back to a central repository over 50 million records and growing! To listen, go to the WUWM web site.
  • GLEON at a Glance video profile of GLEON with accompanying text - California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, 19 March 2008
  • The GLEON Project - University of California Television (First Aired: 3/2/2009, 50 min.)
  • Little Buoy in a Big City - A GLEON movie produced by Ashley Shade of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • North Sparkling Bog Buoy Deployment - Another video produced by Ashley Shade that chronicles the deployment of an instrumented buoy over the ice in North Sparkling Bog, Vilas County, WI.
  • Praise GLEON - A song written by Peter Staehr of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Racing With the Typhoon on YouTube - composed and sung by Dave Balsiger, Information Management Specialist at the Center for Limnology, Madison, Wisconsin, USA about the pre-GLEON field sampling adventure at Yuan-Yang Lake in Taiwan, October 2004 during Typhoon Nocten. The video was recorded at Trout Lake Station at a GLEON workshop cin 2007:

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