Vision and Mission



The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network conducts innovative science by sharing and interpreting high-resolution sensor data to understand, predict and communicate the role and response of lakes in a changing global environment.


GLEON envisions:

  • A worldwide network of instrumented buoys on lakes, placing critical lake information at the fingertips of researchers, managers, and the general public
  • A research environment that fosters collaboration across disciplines and political borders
  • An international community of scientists, educators, policy makers, and citizens invested in the future of fresh waters


GLEON values:
  • Inter-disciplinary lake science
  • Empowered, diverse membership
  • Informality, collegiality and collaboration
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Sharing ideas, expertise and data
  • Transparency of decision-making
  • Professional development of members
  • Open communication of results, tools and products


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