Poster, New Site, and Site News Abstracts

Book of Abstracts

The GLEON 2021 Book of Abstracts includes information about poster locations in the GatherTown meeting space. A list of poster presentation locations will also be available for registered participants.

Abstract List and Locations

The poster and lightning talk presentations have been assigned to one of three poster session rooms in GatherTown. Here is a list of the poster presentations and room assignments:

Instructions for Abstract Submission

If you are a student applying for GLEON 2021 Registration support, a poster abstract is required. If you are co-authoring a poster with another student, one submission is sufficient (no need to duplicate submissions). 

Abstracts are also required for any attendee that would like to present a poster or upload another type of presentation (for asynchronous viewing), including for New Sites, Site Updates, Research Updates and other Cool Things. Given the virtual format of the meeting, attendees can post presentations for asynchronous viewing in a variety of presentation formats, including videos and photos. These can be posters, lightning talks or full-length slide presentations with recorded narration.

Organizers will provide instructions for uploading posters and other media files to a shared folder and how to interact with attendees via the GatherTown platform after you have completed registration. You can present your poster in either portrait or landscape orientation, but we strongly encourage a landscape orientation. We recommend a standard A0 format (1189 x 841 mm) and your poster submission must be  in an image format (jpg or png). Attendees will be limited to one presentation.

If you have questions about abstracts or the poster session, please contact the GLEON Student Association organizers.

Please use the following example to format the content of your abstract submission:

Lead Author: Kevin C. ROSE1
Lead Author Affiliation: 1Department of Zoology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA
Other Author Names (one per line):
Marilyn Larsen2
Paul C. Hanson2
Other Author Affiliations (one per line):
2Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Title: Integration of traditional measurements of allochthony with high frequency buoy data from GLEON sites: does temporal scale matter?

Abstract: Write your abstract here. Please keep it under 250 words.

Updated: 1 October 2021

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