GLEON 2021 Registration and Request to Participate

Registration for the GLEON 2021 All Hands' Meeting is now closed. For more information about late registration, contact Lisa Borre.
Although registration for the meeting closed on Friday, 10 September, registration for workshops will remain open until Sunday, 19 September. Workshop registration is now closed. 
The meeting registration fee is $200 USD for senior members (faculty/scientists/other) and $150 USD for early career scientists (students and postdoctoral researchers). There will be no fee for pre-meeting workshops. 
Registration Support
For anyone for whom the registration fee would pose a financial obstacle in attending the GLEON virtual meeting, you can apply to GLEON for support (or a waiver) to cover this cost. Normally this is done during the Request to Participate Process, but you can also make a request by checking a box at the end of the registration form. There are no geographical or career-stage restrictions on who can apply for support for this meeting, but limited funding is available and emphasis will be placed on creating opportunities for early career scientists. 
Request to Participate
The Request to Participate (RTP) form closed on 21 May 2021.
The RTP is not your official registration. The RTP is for you to express your interest in attending the Virtual Meeting and have an opportunity to request financial support if the registration fees pose an obstacle to your participation. The RTP helps us plan for the GLEON meeting and determine meeting technologies, schedules, and funding levels needed to ensure a successful meeting. 
Q: What if I missed the deadline to apply for registration support by the RTP deadline?
A: If you missed the RTP deadline to apply for registration support, you can indicate whether you need support (or a waiver of the fee) on the registration form. You should check the box for registration support at the end of the registration form, submit your registration and then skip the payment step. GLEON will contact you to let you know if the support request is approved. For questions, contact Lisette de Senerpont Domis or Lisa Borre.
Updated: September 29, 2021

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