Budget Your Travel

You will need to budget for airfare, registration fee, the meeting package (lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes), ground transportation, and other (optional) activities and excursions.

Registration Fee

Due to financial and other uncertainties with planning and attending meetings during the coronavirus pandemic, the GLEON Steering Committee has a new fee structure to allow attendees to select the fee most appropriate to their situation and allow meeting organizers the ability to establish a reserve fund to deal with contingencies. Limited registration support is available upon request.
The registration fee options are as follows:
  • $200 (e.g., for graduate students and others applying for travel or registration support from GLEON)
  • $300 (e.g., for those with limited research or travel funding)
  • $400 (e.g., for senior researchers with funding available to cover full registration costs)
There is no added fee for pre-meeting workshops. Meeting participants will also need to make a reservation to stay at the meeting venue (see below for costs of the hotel and meals package). 

Registration Support

For anyone for whom the registration fee would pose a financial obstacle in attending the GLEON meeting, you can apply to GLEON for support (or a waiver) to cover this cost during registration. There are no geographical or career-stage restrictions on who can apply for support for this meeting, but limited funding is available and emphasis will be placed on creating opportunities for early career scientists and those who demonstrate a need.

Meeting Package Rates

For reservations made by 10 March 2023, the approximate cost for the meeting package* (including lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes) in a double occupancy room is:
  • $931 USD (per person for 6 days) with check-in on Saturday and check-out on Friday (this is the full meeting package for students and others attending workshops and the main meeting)
  • $819 USD (per person for 5 nights) with check-in on Sunday and check-out on Friday (this is the full meeting package for the main meeting only)
The single occupancy meeting package rate is approximately $1092 for the 6-night package and $953 for the 5-night package to stay in a small, single room (limited availability), and $1276 for the 6-night package and $1106 for the 5-night package to stay in a double room for single use.


The meeting package includes lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes and starts with a meal in the evening (on arrival) and breakfast on Friday (date of departure for all attendees). Guests pay the same package rate as attendees based on the room occupancy.


Package Cost Estimate*

Per person rate

7 nights (23-30 June)

6 nights (24-30 June) 

5 nights (25-30 June)







Double occupancy room







Single occupancy room**







Double room for single use








*Cost estimate based on 1/6/2023 exchange rate 1USD = 4.45 PLN

**Limited availability of single rooms. Reservations for single occupancy rooms will be based on first come, first served
The full cost of the meeting package must be paid at the time of the reservation. The hotel has a no cancellation policy. Reservations made after 10 March and before 10 April will incur an additional $100 fee and contingent on availability of rooms. 


Ground Transportation

Several options exist for ground transportation from Warsaw or Gdańsk airports to the meeting venue (see Travel Information on the meeting website). The host committee may organize a chartered bus or shuttle service from both locations on Satuday and Sunday afternoons with a return on Friday morning. Updated information and pricing will be posted when it is available but is estimated at $40-$50 USD roundtrip.

Activities and Excursions

Additional minimal fees may be applicable for (optional) on-site activities or June 30 excursions, payable on arrival:
  • Trip to the Wolf's Lair (260 PLN or $58.42 USD), June 30
  • Trip to Święta Lipka and Reszel (210 PLN or $46.67 USD), June 30
  • Kayaking (210 PLN or $46.67 USD), June 30
Updated: 27 February 2023

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