Network Partnership Program


The purpose of the Network Partnership (NPP) is to help New-to-GLEON participants engage in effective, friendly networking and integration into the community of people and collaboration. 

Network Partnership Program Roles
  • New-to-GLEON Partner (NP): If you are new to GLEON (first or second meeting), you have the option to choose to sign up as a NP; and
  • GLEON Partner (GP): If this is your 3rd time or more attending a GLEON All Hands’ Meeting. You can be a faculty member, scientist, technician or student that has been to more than two GLEON events and are willing to participate in NPP in a mentoring role.
Suggested Activities and Expectations of Both Roles
The exact terms of the networking partnership will vary depending on the particular needs of your partner. Here are a few suggestions that NPP partners from the past GLEON meetings have honored and worked well:
  • The GLEON Partner (GP) is expected to be friendly and supportive, to make frequent contact with the New-to-GLEON Partner (NP), introduce him/her to other GLEONites, help identify similar or complementary research interests among GLEON meeting attendees and general membership.
  • The GP visits the NP's poster during the Poster Session and helps facilitate interactions with the audience, if needed.
  • NP and GP share at least one break together during the meeting.
Meeting participants can sign-up for the Network Partnership Program during meeting registration.

Updated: 12 January 2023

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