Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 4-8 November 2013


  • Program Committee (pdf)
  • Meeting Agenda (pdf)
  • Poster Abstracts (pdf)
  • Participants (pdf)
  • Working Groups (WGs) Report Back:
    • IT and Data Management
    • Lake as Climate Sentinels (pdf)
    • Lake Metabolism (pdf) (including several breakout groups: The Coupling of O2 and CO2 dynamics in Lakes; Metabolism Models Across Lake Gradients and Lakes in the Catchment)
    • Lake Physics and Modelling (pdf)
    • MicrobesG 15 Group Photo
    • Opensource Hardware Development (pdf)
    • Reservoir and Lake Management (pdf)
    • Signal Processing
    • TTG (the Limnological Theory Group)

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