Abstracts: Posters and New Sites/Site News

Abstract Submission

Please use the following example to format the content and upload your abstract (in doc or docx format)

Kevin C. ROSE1, Marilyn Larsen2, and Paul C. Hanson2

Integration of traditional measurements of allochthony with high frequency buoy data from GLEON sites: does temporal scale matter?

1Department of Zoology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA
2Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Write your abstract here. Please keep it under 250 words.

Participants are invited to submit an abstract (or more if applicable) to the following avenues in presenting your research at GLEON 17 All-Hands Meeting:

Students and General Research Posters

The GLEON Poster Session is designed to be an informal but highly interactive way for you share your research, present your project ideas to the fellow GLEON 16 participants that come from with various expertise, interests and all over the world.

  • Poster abstract submission is open to ALL registering participants.
  • Students: you are required to present a research poster at GLEON 16.

Instructions for Posters: Language and Print Format

  • Poster print width: no more than 120 cm. The poster board is 4 feet (48 inches |121.9 cm) wide x 6 feet (182 cm) tall (in height). For the ease for both you (presenter) and viewers, we recommend you print your poster within 120 cm (east-west) x  100 cm (north-south). 
  • All Poster conent must be in available in English. 
  • This is not required but please feel free to bring printed handouts of concept diagrams or outlines of your poster, in English and/or other languages if you find it useful in communicating your research at GLEON 16.
  • Please have your poster printed/ready before you travel, and bring it with you to GLEON 16. There is no printing facility or service at Jouvence or nearby. Tacks, pins or tapes will be provided on site to hang your poster.

New Sites and Site News: 5-minute oral presentation at plenary time

If your work is affiliated with a current or potential GLEON site member, interested in sharing the latest development or collaboration opportunity with GLEONites: 

  • You are invited to submit an abstract as a request for a 5-minute New Sites/Site News oral presentation during the planary on 28/29 October (schedule to be confirmed).
  • The Program Committee will review the abstracts and contact the first/representing authors about the acceptance of oral presentation request or suggest a poster.
  • You are welcome to bring a poster for your new sites/site news information (with or without an oral presentation invitation at the plenary).


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