Network Partnership Program (NPP)

The purpose of the Network Partnership Program (NPP) is to increase new-to-GLEON meeting participants involvement and integration into the network of people and collaboration. The program is developed by the GLEON Student Association (GSA) in response to recommendations made by GLEON Collaborative Climate Committee (CCC), based on survey results from previous GLEON meetings, and a perceived need for supportive environment for both students and new members to the community.


  • New-to-GLEON Partner (NP): the 1st- or 2nd-time GLEON meeting attendee.

    If you are a student and this is your first or second time attending a GLEON meeting, you are enrolled as a NP automatically.

    If you are not a student but new to GLEON, you will not be enrolled automatically but there is an option available in the G16 Registration and Jouvence Booking form if you wish to sign up as a NP.

  • GLEON Partner (GP): A faculty member, scientist, or GSA members that have been to two or more GLEON events, involved in on-going GLEON collabortive efforts AND are willing to participate in the NPP in mentoring role. You have the opportunity to volunteer to be a GP (signup in the G16 Registration form) or may be invited directly by the NPP organizers.

      Student Non Student
    New-to-GLEON Partner Automatically enrolled Optional. 
    GLEON Partner  Conditional: if you have been to 2 or more GLEON events you are welcome to be a GP! Optional but we encourage you to be a GP for New-to-GLEON students!


Pairing of NPP
The GSA (with CCC's and G16 organizers assistance) will help pair *one New-to-GLEON Partner with one GLEON Partner after the GLEON 16 Registration closes.

*Sometimes we may need to pair two NPs with one GP, depending on the sign-up numbers and availability of each role.

Suggested activities and expectations
The exact terms of the networking partnership will vary depending on the particular needs of the NP and GP. Here are a few suggested pointers and activities that NPP partners in the past GLEON meetings have honored and worked well, but certainly not limited to:

  1. The GLEON Partner is expected to be friendly and supportive, to make frequent contact with the New-to-GLEON Partner during the meeting, introduce him/her to other GLEON members, help identify similar or complimentary research interests among the G16 participants and general GLEON membership.
  2. The GP visits the NP's poster during the Poster Session and help facilitate interaction with audience if need be.
  3. Share at least one meal during the G16 week.

For questions about NPP at GLEON 16, please do not hesitate to contact the GSA:

  • Kohji Muraoka* (km112[a], Chair
  • Jennie Brentrup (brentrja[a], co-Chair
  • Facundo Scordo** (fscordo[a], co-Chair elect

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