Participant Checklist

Here is a list of important dates, preparatory activities and their deadlines for G16 Participants:

By 24/25/26 October 2014 BEFORE YOU TRAVEL:

  • If you would like to take the shared shuttle from Montréal airport to Jouvence, please complete the booking form (in PDF) (Instructions in PDF) and return it to: at your earliest convenience. Credit card information required. For the Excel Workbook (.xlsx) and Excel 97-2004 (.xls) versions of the booking form, please see [gleon16] group mailing or contact

**Entries below are already past the due dates.**

By 26 June 2014 By 30 June 2014 (8AM EDT | 12PM UTC):

  • If you are interested in attending GLEON 16, please fill out the G16 Request to Participate (RTP) webform by 30 June 2014 (by 8AM EDT | 12PM UTC). The information you provide will be useful for the local organizers to anticipate the number of participants, plan logistics, and reference for the G16 Program Committee in planning the meeting agenda.
  • GLEON membership is not a requirement to submit the RTP or register to attend a meeting. [However, membership will be required when you join any GLEON collaborative tasks or projects that involve sharing ideas, data and other resources with GLEON members or their sites.]
  • Have you received auto-confirmation email from soon after you submitted the G16 Request to Participate online?
    - If the answer is no, please check your spam folder and be sure to add as a contact or to your safe email address list.
    - Contact gshong[at] if you did not receive the auto e-confirmation.

By 30 June 2014 By 9 July 2014 (8AM EDT | 12PM UTC):

  • Submit G16 Student Travel Award (STA) application if you can answer 'yes' to both of the following questions:
    • Are you still a student in October 2014? 
    • Are you seeking some financial support for travel, lodging and/or meals expenses to attend G16?
  • All required documents must be received by the deadline for your application to be considered, including CV and essay submitted successfully through G16 Student Travel Award application, and a letter of recommendation from your advisor sent to gshong[a] 

BY 27 July 2014:

  • Contact gshong[at] if you do not receive a notification email with regard to the financial support decision per G16 Request to Participate.
  • Have you checked the Visa and Passport section and started relevant application process? We strongly recommend you to do so by mid July. Visa application and approval sometimes take up several months. 

BY 22 August 2014:

BY 2 October 2014:

  • This is the last day that your request to change lodging arrangement or meal plans at Jouvence will be accepted and honored. 

BY 15 October 2014:

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