Orford, Québec, Canada, 27 - 31 October 2014

  • Program and Local Committee (link) (THANK YOU)
  • Sponsors and Partnerships (link)
  • Meeting Agenda (pdf)
  • Participants (pdf)
  • Some sister networks & project acronyms help list and other FAQs (pdf)
  • Pre-meeting workshop: Modeling the Age of Water (website)
  • Pre-meeting student workshop: Internal and External Force Interactions and Biological Responses in Lakes (link)
  • Pre-meeting Data Workshop (link)G 16 group photo
  • Poster Abstracts (pdf)
  • New Sites and Site News (pdf)
    • Earth Science Observation Database in Taiwan (pdf)
    • EDDIE (pdf)
    • SAVI (pdf)
    • Lake Tanganyika (pdf)
  • Steering Committe Report (pdf)
  • Public Outreach session
    • Multiple Stressors in Canadian Shield Lakes: Monitoring and the role citizen science (S. Arnott et al.) (pdf)
    • Water in Ireland (E. Jennings) (pdf)
    • GRIL Outreach Activities (M.-A. Fallu) (pdf)
    • Outreach activity for freshwater conservation in South Korea - the case of Lake Soyang (B. Kim) (pdf)
  • Working Groups (WGs) Report Back:
    • IT and Data Management (pdf)
    • Lake as Climate Sentinels (pdf)
    • Lake Metabolism
      1. Catchment and Lake Connections (pdf)
      2. The Coupling of O2 and CO2 dynamics in Lakes (pdf)
      3. Metabolism Models Across Lake Gradients (pdf)
    • Lake Physics and Modelling (pdf)
    • Microbes (pdf)
    • Reservoir and Lake Management (pdf)
    • Signal Processing (pdf)
    • TTG (the Limnological Theory Group) (pdf)
  • Ad Hoc group reports
    • Analytical Tast Force (pdf)
    • Global LAGOS (pdf)
    • Model Complexity (pdf)
    • Outreach (pdf)
    • Tropical Lakes (pdf)
    • Under Ice (pdf)
    • Stream temperature trends
    • GLEON broader impacts survey (data)
  • Post-Meeting workshop: PRAGMA
    • GLEON - PRAGMA Science Expeditions (pdf)
    • PRAGMA/GLEON Expeditions - Technology Overview (R. Figueiredo) (pdf)

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