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G16 Air Itinerary Form

G16 Registration and Jouvence Reservation Form (link)

Frequently Asked Questions about Request to Participate & Registration

  • G16 Request to Participate (RTP) has been closed   (Tuesday 1 July 2014) . The list of people that expressed interests in attending GLEON 16 can be viewed here (PDF).
  • Q5: What if I miss the deadline to submit G16 RTP - can I still attend G16?
    A5: Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to attend G16 provided you have secured your own travel funding, obtained visas required AND complete the G16 Registration & Jouvence Booking by Friday 22 August 2014 (11.59pm Eastern Daylight Time / UTC-4).
  • Q1: Do I need to be a GLEON member to register for G16?
    A1: No, GLEON membership is not a requirement for attending GLEON meetings. However, you are expected to become a member when you plan to join collaborative efforts in GLEON that requires all members involved agree to the GLEON Operating Principles & Procedures.
  • Q2: What is G16 RTP for? How is it different from G16 Registration & Jouvence Booking Form?
    A2: It is the first step in expressing your  interest  in attending G16, and the opportunity to request some *financial support. The RTP information also helps the organizers to estimate how many people are attending in order to plan suitable logistics. However, your RTP entry is not a registration nor confirmation of lodging arrangement.

    *Very limited. We strongly encourage you to seek alternative resources to fund your G16 travel as well.

  • Q3: What happens after I submit G16 RTP?
    A3: By 27 July, everyone that has completed the G16 RTP will receive an e-invitation with travel award decision (no or some support) AND reminders of next steps required to complete signing up to attend G16 - Registration & Jouvence booking form, submission of abstracts (Posters and News Sites/Site News).

    *ATTENTION - Students*: if you are requesting some travel funding support from GLEON, in addition to G16 RTP, please submit G16 Student Travel Award Application. All required materials must be received by

    Wednesday 9 July 2014 (8AM EDT | 12PM UTC) - now closed.
  • Q4: How will I receive the G16 financial support if I am awarded?
    *A3: You will be asked to return an acceptance form, complete with signature, postal address (for U.S.-based recipients) or bank information (for recipients outside of the U.S. only). The travel award will be posted to you in a check or wired to your bank account in August/September.

    *Not applicable for University of Wisconsin employees. You will receive separate instructions should you be awarded G16 travel support. 

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