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    By Air: The closest international airport to the G16 venue is Montréal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport *(YUL), about 140 km west of Orford. Local travelers may also arrive and depart from the Burlington Airport (BTV) in Vermont (USA) and the Plattsburgh Airport (PBG) in New York (USA). Travel from YUL to Orford is approximately 1.5 hours by car, whereas from BTV and PBG is 2 hours. Note that if you do fly to Burlington, you must pass through Canadian customs at the Canada-USA border.

    *Some ticketing agencies might use 'YMQ' as the Montreal area airport code (in case you did not find 'YUL' while searching for flights)

    From Motréal Trudeau Airport to Jouvence:
    - Aeronavette, 24/7 shared shuttle service. The cost for round-trip per person: 120$CAD (not yet included: taxes and applicable fees for the ride to Centre Jouvence directly).
    - If you would like to take the shared shuttle from Montréal airport to Jouvence, please complete the booking form (in PDF) (Instructions in PDF) and return it as soon as possible (BEFORE YOU TRAVEL). Credit card information required. For the Excel Workbook (.xlsx) and Excel 97-2004 (.xls) versions of the booking form, please see [gleon16] group mailing or contact
    - By renting a car with and share the cost & driving with othe participants, see below 'By Car'.

  • By Car: See here for driving directions from the Québec region or the U.S. to Jouvence, Orford.

    If you are interested in renting a car or driving yours, and sharing the ride to Jouvence with your fellow GLEONites, follow the instructions in [gleon16] Transportation: booking shared shuttles or carpooling announcement from Grace Hong for an online doc, fill out what you are looking for, go ahead and self-organize when you see those with travel times close to your itinerary.

    - There are two sheets in the shared doc - one for "Going to Jouvence", the other for "Departing Jouvence". No login required. The shared doc is not open to public - only those of you with the URL can see the content.

    - Once you have figured out your carpooling plans, please remember to go back to the table mark the column before your names 'OK'. Please do not remove your entry immediately after you found carpooling partners. We are keeping an internal copy for reference in the case of unexpected delayed or emergency we could contact each other. The shared doc will be deleted toward the end of October.

  • Money, Language and Electricity

    The currecny in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (click here for a currency converter).

    Canada is a bilingual country, speaking both English and French. In Québec (the province in which GLEON 16 is being held), the official language is French (click here to learn a few handy sentences for traveling) but most people do speak in English, especially in the tourism and service industries.

    Please bring adapters for electricity if you are coming from outside of North America. In Canada, Type A & B plugs are used.

  • Visas and other Entry Requirements

    Please check passport, visa and entry requirements for Canada before you travel, including transit visas for passing through other countries depending on your travel route. *Passports are required to enter Canada from all countries in the world (including the USA).*  See more in 'Visa and Passport'

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