Meeting Venue, Lodging & Meals


GLEON 16 day-to-day meeting, lodging and meals will all be held at the following location (housing units and meeting rooms are within walking distance on site):

Jouvence | 131, chemin de Jouvence, Orford, Québec J1X 6R2, Canada [MAP]

Located on the shores of Lake Stukley in Mont-Orford National Park, Québec, Jouvence is known for not only cozy room and board, meeting facilities for business retreat, but also for family visitors with access to abundant outdoor activitieseducational outings in the nature throughout the year. 

Costs, Rooming Options and Reservation

Notes about Budgeting for Lodging & Meals

Cost estimate provided below (for 4 or 5 nights) was last updated when G16 Request to Participate was announced in June 2014 for your budgetary reference. The daily lodging & meals (per night + 3 meals + 2 coffee breaks) rate for G16 remains consistent in the finalized G16 Jouvence day-by-day package summary charts. For those of you that are attending workshops both on 27 October and 31 October, may need to plan 6 nights at Jouvence if your outbound flight will be on Saturday, 1 November.

  • Package #1: Arrival on Sunday 26 October at 7pm, departure on Friday 31 October at noon.
    5 nights in single occupancy, 13 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 763.00 
    5 nights in double occupancy, 13 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 613.00 
    5 nights in multiple occupancy, 13 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 538.00 
    Package #2: Arrival on Monday 27 October at 8am, departure on Friday 31 October at noon
    4 nights in single occupancy, 12 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 648.00 
    4 nights in double occupancy, 12 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 528.00 
    4 nights in multiple occupancy, 12 meals, 8 coffee and snack breaks 468.00 
    GLEON rate per night, during prior or following the event including 3 meals and 2 coffee and snack breaks
    Single occupancy 162.00 
    Double occupancy 132.00 
    Multiple occupancy 117.00 
  • All prices are *approxmiate* and all quoted in Canadian currency. Minor adjustments will be made accordingly depending on the confirmed booking based on your arrival and departure plans at/from Jouvence (for example, you might arrive at Jouvence very late, thus the arrival dinner 10$ in the package may be credited back to you should you confirm any changes in the meal plan by 30 September 2014). 
  • Click here for a currency converter.
  • There are no credits back available if you miss a meal unplanned. Any adjustments or changes of the meal plan must be made by 26 September 2014. 
  • A $3 (CAD) lodging tax per night per room is applicable at some of the pavillons.
  • Costs are per person but do not include 14.975% sales tax.
  • A reservation and pre-payment of $175 (CAD) is required by 18 August 2014 - now extended to 22 August 2014.

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