Visa(s) and Passport

  • Please consult with the Canadian Consulate in your region AND the official Visit Canada website on whether you need a visa to travel to Canada. We strongly encourage you to *apply now* as visa approval sometimes takes months. 
  • Planning your itinerary early and confirming whether you may need *transit visas* is also highly recommended. For example, if you have a flight connection in the U.S. or other countries en route to Canada, you might need to obtain an ESTA or transit visa(s) to complete your journey to Canada. Please consult with your travel agency and the Consulates of the countries you will transit through.
  • If you need a letter of invitation originated from Canada to support your visa application, please contact Dr. Yves Prairie, co-chair of the GLEON 16 Program and Organizing Committees.
  • A valid passport of at least six month validity is required by anyone entering Canada, including the U.S. permanent residents and citizens. 

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