G17 Registration and Budget Your Travel

G17 Registration: please complete by Tuesday 29 September 2015 (12PM EDT | 4PM UTC)


  • Q1: Do I have to be a GLEON member to register?

    A1: No - ALL are welcome! Anyone plans to attend G17 must complete registration *on time* so we can make arrangement accordingly (meals, meeting rooms, poster space, buses to Friday & Saturday tours, etc.). If you are not a GLEON member, has never received gleon_all listserv messages, please email gshong@wisc.edu ASAP to be added to the G17 mailing list so you can receive important updates timely.

  • Q2: I need to change something in the registration already submitted (e.g. wish to attend a different workshop on Monday; change my mind on field trip options, etc.), what should I do?

    A2: Please submit a new registration before the deadline. We will use your most recent entry and discard old ones.

  • To colleagues and students based in South Korea: if you have questions and would like to communicate in Korean, please contact Donghwan Kim (kimdh@kangwon.ac.kr). Please cc GLEON Program Coordinator Grace Hong (gshong@wisc.edu) and Prof Bomchul Kim (bkim@kangwon.ac.kr) when it is a Conference fee related question.

Budget Your Travel

Please note all the prices listed below in *U.S. Dollars* are *only estimates*.

Prices subject to change upon arrival at GLEON17 - plus/minus $50 adjustment may be expected dependent on the final number of participants AND KRW-USD exchange rate.

Example for all participants except for local Korean students: 

  • The table below is a draft example of the types of expenses you need to consider (but not limited to) for budgeting your G17 travel. If you are staying longer in Chuncheon or have a room at single occupancy please adjust your budget accordingly.
  • Expense Type *Estimate only
    (L) Lodging (6 nights, based on sharing a double room) US$300
    (C1) Conference Fee (see what's covered below) US$450
    (C2) Ground Transportation (see below) US$50
    (A) Airfare and other travel incidentals (see below)
    (P) Personal miscellaneous 
    (A) + (P)
    (L) + (C1) + (C2) subtotal US$800
    *Estimated minimum total US$800 + (A) + (P)

(L) Lodging Cost: hotel room only

  • Prices below quoted for lodging: taxes included. 
  • Single room: about US$70 per person/per night.
  • Double/Twin room sleeps 2 people: about US$80 to US$100 = up to US$50 per person/per night.
  • Double (1 bed) + 1 small bed, total sleeps 2-3 people: about US$80+ per room/per night.
  • Suite (two beds with sofa, sleeps 2-4 people): about US$130 per suite/per night.
  • Reservation & payment should be made directly to the hotel of your choice. 

(C1) Conference Fee

  • Up to US$450 that covers 4.5 days of the following: three meals + two conference breaks per day, from Monday (12 Oct) breakfast through Friday (16 Oct) lunch, social program and some facilities. 
  • Conference fee subject to change (up to +/- $25) pending final number of participants AND whether you require Friday (16 Aug) dinner at the venue. The final US and KRW dollar amounts will be announced upon your arrival at G17.
  • Payment (both credit cards and KRW cash are accepted) due upon arrival at G17 venue. 
  • Family or companions (those not participating in G17 science meeting): dinners-only package may be available later. In general please budget US$15-US$20 for lunch and US$20-US$25 for dinner.
  • For students currently registered at university in South Korea, please pay $100 for G17 conference fee (~4.5 days) instead of $450+. Sponsorship is kindly provided by Korean Society of Limnology. (Inquiry: Donghwan Kim)

(C2) Ground Transportation Costs:

  • About US$20 one-way intercity bus fare from ICN Airport to Chuncheon. About US$40 for both ways.
  • Up to about US$5 for one taxi ride from Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal to G17 venue/hotels (1 mi).

(A) Airfare and others personal incidentals

(P) Misc./Other Expenses:  

  • Personal travel incidentals; visa fee
  • Optional excursions on Friday 16 October:
    A. 1-day Lake Soyang + DMZ Tour: about US$100 per person. Departs from SangsangMadang Hotel at 9AM, returns from DMZ at 4.30PM arriving back at SangsangMadang Hotel at 7PM.
    B. 1/2 day (afternoon only): Lake Soyang Tour- cost to be determined, also depending on number of sign-ups.

Last updated: 22 September 2015

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