Request to Participate & Registration FAQ

G18 & NETLAKE Meeting Request to Participate 

Attention: Graduate Students

  • If you request some travel support in your Request to Participate, you must complete G18 Student Travel Award application by 7 April 2016 to be considered in the funding decisions. For the full information package for students attending G18 - what you need to submit, opportunities for you and what's expected of your participation, please visit G18 Information for Students.
  • If you have your own travel funding secured to attend G18, then no need to submt the Student Travel Award application.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Request to Participate & Registration

  • Note to NETLAKE members and invited attendees: please contact NETLAKE Chair Eleanor Jennings if you have any questions about travel funding support or participation. Q&A below applies to GLEON 18 participant support funding awarded via University of Wisconsin Madison and University of California at Merced.
  • Q1: Do I need to be a GLEON member to submit the G18 & NETLAKE Request to Particpate (RTP) or Registration to attend G18?
    A1No, anyone interested in **attending can submit both forms. GLEON membership is not a requirement for attending GLEON meetings. However, you will be expected to become a member when you decide to join GLEON collaborative efforts (e.g. projects, working groups, experiments) that require all team members involved agree to the GLEON Operating Principles & Procedures.

    **Also see the answer to Q4 below.

  • Q2: What's next after I submit G18 & NETLAKE RTP?
    1. You may expect to receive a notification via email with G18 travel award decision (with some support or of regrets for no support) in late April~May 2016.
    2. If you are not requesting travel support from GLEON to attend G18, please go head to book accommodation, and complete G18 Registration.
    3. *ATTENTION - STUDENTS*: if you are requesting some travel funding support from GLEON, please complete both G18 Student Travel Award Application AND G18 RTP by 7 April 2016.
  • Q3: How will I receive the G18 financial support if I am awaded a G18 travel award?
    *A3: The G18 travel award will be issued by one of the two institutions below with respective eligible funding source:

    a. Via **University of Wisconsin Madison: the travel award recipients will be asked to return an acceptance form with signature, postal address (for U.S.-based reicipients) or bank information (only for those outside of the U.S.). The award will be posted to you in a check or wired to your bank account before G18.
    b. Via University of California at Merced: the travel award recipients will be contacted by NSF SAVI/SAFER project PI Tom Harmon. Exact payment terms and travel documentation/reimbursement details will be provided in the award notification letter.

    **For current & recent University of Wisconsin employees. You will receive separate instructions if you are awarded G18 travel support or please follow up with pchanson[a]wisc[dot]edu.

  • Q4: What if I missed the deadline to submit G18 RTP - can I still register to attend G18?
    A4Yes. You are welcome to register for G18 - provided you can say yes to all of statements below:
    1. I have secured my own travel funds to cover all G18 related expenses;
    2. I have obtained visa(s) required to visit Austria;
    3. I have submited G18 Registration successfully before any GLEON e-mail announcement on limitation of number of participants (registration is on first-come, first-served basis).

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