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G18 & NETLAKE Venue: Gaming, Austria

GLEON 18 & NETLAKE Meeting will be held in the old monastery 'Kartause Gaming', about 130 km southwest from Austria's capital city Vienna (also see the house-with-flag-icon on the map below).

Lunz am See, Austria

One of the world's oldest limnological research stations is located in the nearby village Lunz am See, just 10 km from the village of Gaming. The Biological Station Lunz (click on the fish icon on the map below) was founded in 1905 and researchers, including Franz Ruttner who wrote the first limnological textbook published in English (Fundamentals of Limnology, 1940 and 1953), pursued their limnological studies until 2003 when the station was closed. Luckily, in 2006, limnological research in Lunz am See was reinvigorated and the current inter-university research center 'WasserCluster Lunz' was founded.

We will visit Lake Lunz and the historical research station on Thursday, July 7. Lake Lunz (600 m.a.s.l., 34 m deep) is a pre-alpine, oligotrophic lake with a very long dataset that goes back to the late 19th century. 

For cost estimate for 6 nights (3 July ~ 9 July) lodging and meals: Budget Your Travel.

How to make your hotel reservation & payment at Kartause Gaming:

Please make your hotel reservation by email to

Payment: only once you are in Gaming, directly at the hotel. There is no need for any pre-payment. 

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