Student Information

The Overall Goals for Graduate Students Attending the GLEON All-Hands Meeting are:

  1. To continue to improve and develop student involvement within GLEON;
  2. To provide students with an opportunity to interact with an international assemblage of lake scientists, information technology specialists in an informal, highly interactive setting;
  3. To encourage students to conduct research using GLEON data or affiliated resources in collaboration with the GLEON community and sister networks.

General Requirement for ALL Student Participants at GLEON meetings

  1. Present a *poster at the Poster Session (also see 'Next Steps' at the end of this page);
  2. Attend the **GSA-led workshop, usually scheduled on the day before the main program begins (Monday, 3 December 2018 for G20). It is organized by the GSA leadership team, prioritized for student and post-doc attendees, but open to other registered participants at mid-career or experienced scientists if space permits; and
  3. Conditional: participate in the NPP - Network Partnership Program as the New-to-GLEON Partner if this is your 1st or 2nd time attending GLEON All-Hands.

* If you have any concern or for some reason are not able to bring a poster to GLEON 20, please contact the GSA:

** There may be exceptions according to individual needs and conditions, such as personal travel scheduling conflict so you will miss the GSA-led workshop, or another concurrent workshop on the same day suits your research needs better. In the latter scenario, you are absolutely free to choose any of the pre-meeting workshops to attend.

Request to Participate (RTP), Student Travel Award (STA), and Registration

Depending on your funding situation and the level of support you are seeking from GLEON to attend G20, you need to complete the following steps:

Web form submission required (below)


None (= I have my own travel funds secured elsewhere)

Partial travel, room & board support from GLEON

Full travel, room  & board support from GLEON

Request to Participate

16 Feb


Yes to all

Yes to all

Student Travel Award Application

16 Feb


Registration and *Abstracts Submission      

31 Aug


Hotel Booking 

31 Aug


*Include abstract(s) for Poster session.

G20 Student Travel Award (STA) Application 

Apply online: G20 Student Travel Award (STA) Application. Deadline: 16 February 2018 (12pm US EDT). --now closed.

  • Please have the documents below ready before submitting the G20 STA application online:
      CV Essay Advisor's letter Statement of Purpose
    Required? Yes Yes Yes No
    PDF required Yes Yes Yes n/a
    Upload online Yes Yes n/a n/a
    Fill out directly online n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Email submission n/a n/a Yes n/a

Complete application must be received by by 16 February 2018 (12 PM EDT | 4 PM UTC) to be considered for the G20 STAs-- now closed.

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) listing publications, presentations, scholarships, hours, colleges/universities attended, degrees achieved and/or expected.
  2. An essay answering the following questions (total maximum: no more than 750 words. Upload your essay in PDF here: (a) How does your research interest relate to GLEON (its mission or recent research projects)?
 (b) How would you benefit from participating in GLEON 20?
 (c) If you have previously attended a GLEON meeting, working group meeting or other GLEON activity (e.g. GLEON sessions at ESA, SIL, ASLO, or other workshops), how has that experience affected you and your research?
  3. letter of recommendation from your main thesis advisor: please send it to

Evaluation and How Funding Will be Awarded

  • A committee including GLEON grant Project Investigators (PIs) will review the complete applications received and determine the awards.
  • Each successful student applicant receives one travel award - from one funding source only.
  • Funding availability is limitedWe strongly recommend you consult with your advisor, university or regional funding agency to seek alternative sponsorship for your G20 travel expenses.
  • G20 STA issued via GLEON partner institutions will be coordinated by the PI for the relevant funding source. => This award is designed to offset some of the following expenses incurred to attend G20: airfare, airport transportation (bus or short-distance taxi), G20 conference fee and lodging.

=> Exact payment terms will be communicated with travel award recipients at a later date.

Expectations of STA Recipients

  1. At G20: You are required to present a research poster at the Poster Session.
  2. After G20: Please acknowledge *GLEON and your funding source in any presentations or publications that may result from discussions at the GLEON 20 meeting, and that GLEON may document as such on the GLEON website.
  3. You may be asked to submit a brief report about your experience at G20, during or after G20 as part of a collective effort in documenting updates from ongoing and new ideas flourished from G20.
  4. As for the GLEONite spirit you are exemplifying or perhaps already inspired by, be creative and volunteering when the contribution opportunity arises! 

*Funding agency and award numbers will be detailed in the G20 STA letter to successful applicants.

Next Steps

  • Check out G20 GSA-led workshop for updates on the workshop topic and what to prepare for before G19 begins.
  • Book travel (apply for visa, if applicable).
  • Look for a message to register for the meeting and book accommodations. Please do not book accommodations until notified by GLEON that Registration is open.
  • Prepare your poster: all student participants are required to bring a poster to share your research or project ideas. Abstract submission is included in the G20 Registration.
  • What is Network Partnership Program (NPP) and how do I sign up?

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