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GLEON 20 All Hands' Meeting, 37 December 2018, Rottnest Island (near Perth), Australia

Island Location

Rottnest Island is 19km from the city of Fremantle. You will need to fly to Perth, Western Australia and take a ferry to Rottnest Island. 

By Air to Perth

You should aim to arrive in Perth, Western Australia, which is serviced from major hubs including airports in Singapore Hong Kong, Dubai, London and Sydney. As Australia is a long-haul flight from most countries, you may prefer to arrive at least a day before the meeting to allow some time for recuperation.

Ferry to Rottnest Island

Ferries to Rottnest leave frequently departing from terminals located at Fremantle, North Fremantle or Perth (see map). The trip takes ~30 minutes from Fremantle and ~90 minutes from Perth. Whilst departing from Perth makes for a longer voyage, the trip offers great views of Perth and the Swan River estuary as it makes its way to Fremantle, and may be more convenient for passengers transiting from the airport. The cost varies from between A$50 (~$40 USD) and A$100 (~$80 USD) for a return ferry ticket.  For more information visit::


There are no cars on the Island and travellers typically bring or hire a bicycle. The venue of the conference is located within walking distance of the ferry terminal and so a bicycle is not essential, however, to undertake recreational activities and get the most out of your visit to the island then bicycle hire is recommended (~50 USD).


Rottnest Island has a wide range of activities that you will be able to (optionally) participate in during your stay. These include cycle and walking tours, snorkelling and boating and many more. Refer to: for more information.

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