GLEON 20 Registration


GLEON 20 All Hands’ Meeting registration has been extended to Friday, 31 August 2018. --Registration is now closed.

Registered attendees are also required to secure a reservation at Rottnest Lodge (or another accommodation). You will be required to indicate housing and roommate preferences on the Registration form and then secure your own reservation at the Rottnest Lodge (Karma resort) with a credit card after registration closes and the meeting hosts notify you to confirm housing arrangements.

See the Venue & Accommodation and Budget Your Travel pages for more information. You are welcome (and encouraged) to bring spouses, partners, family members or guests at your own expense.

Bring your registration and accommodation confirmation with you Registration

Please bring a printed copy of your G20 Registration and Hotel Reservation Confirmation number or save them on your phone/mobile device. Payment for meals and daily meeting fees can be paid for onsite during meeting check-in. Visa, MasterCard, and cash (AUD) are all accepted, except where noted in the meeting materials.

Contacts for questions about G20 registration and accommodation reservations

If you have any questions about G19 registration or reservations, please contact Matt Hipsey (matt.hipsey [at] or Lisa Borre (borrel [at]

Registration and accommodation reservation FAQs

Q: Who is responsible for making my reservation for accommodations at Rottnest Lodge?
A: Registered attendees are required to indicate housing and room sharing preferences on the Registration form and then reserve a room with a credit card after the meeting hosts notify you to confirm housing arrangements.

Q: How do I make reservations for accommodations at Rottnest Lodge?
A: Visit the Venue & Accommodation page on this GLEON 20 meeting website for information. 

Q: What is included with the daily meeting fee and meals package?
A: In addition to reserving accommodations, each delegate will be required to register for two evening meals on Tuesday and Wednesday night ($20 and $60 AUD respectively) and pay a $70 AUD daily meeting fee to cover breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and use of the venue. These fees are paid at registration during your stay. Other meal options are available on other nights.

Q: Is there a list of attendees looking to share a room at GLEON 20?
A: Yes, local organizers and the GLEON Student Association (GSA) can help attendees find a roommate (no guarantees). Please indicate room sharing preferences when registering for the meeting or contact the GSA:

Q: If I already have someone to share a room with at GLEON 20, is there anything I need to do when making my reservation?
A: If you are sharing a double or multiple occupancy room with another delegate, please provide the name of your roommate (if known) at the time of Registration. If you are sharing a room with another attendee, only one person needs to secure the room with a credit card.


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