GLEON 20.5: Virtual Meeting

GLEON 20.5 Virtual Meeting (G21 Kick-Start), 3-5 September 2019

The purpose of the GLEON 20.5 virtual meeting is to provide a platform for the GLEON membership to meet and maintain momentum between meetings, as well as enabling communication with members who may be unable to be physically present at meetings. The GLEON 20.5 Virtual Meeting is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest happenings in GLEON, as well as an opportunity to look forward to the G21 meeting in Canada this November. 

G20.5 Program

To participate at the times indicated in the program go to the Zoom link provided. We hope to welcome many of you! If you were not able to join the meeting, you can click on the links below for recorded versions of the talks or view this YouTube playlist.

Sept 3

Daily summary: 30 people participated in the first day of the G20.5 virtual meeting for two great talks, with about 25 people staying online for the Modelling Working Group discussion. The Technology Working Group did not meet.

Sept 4

Daily summary: Just under 30 people participated in the second day of the G20.5 virtual meeting for an update on the GLEON Student Association and two more informative talks on GLEON science by Evi Mantzouki and Patricia Garcia. The Climate Sentinels and Reservoir and Lake Management working groups met and reported back. The Citizen Science working group did not meet.

Sept 5

  • 21.00 UTC: Steven Sadro. GLEON Collaborative Climate Committee News - cancelled
  • 21.20 UTC: Sapna SharmaGLEON on ice. Understanding the causes and consequences of losing lake ice cover.
  • 21.40 UTC: Harry Kolar. The design and implementation of a coupled observational and modeling system to study an oligotrophic lake - cancelled
  • 22.00 UTC: Working Group progress meetings: Lake Physics (David Hamilton) and TTG - The Theory Group (Bas Ibelings)
  • 22.45 UTC: Report back WGs
  • 23.00 UTC: Closing

Daily summary: Approximately 25 people participated in the third day of the G20.5 virtual meeting to hear a talk by Sapna Sharma and join working group meetings for Lake Physics and TTG. Two talks were cancelled due to schedule conflicts, but Bas Ibelings provided a brief update about the Collaborative Climate Committee (CCC), which is working on a Code of Conduct and planning for a Steering Committee the weekend before the GLEON 21 All Hands' Meeting.

Updated: 9 September 2019


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