Budget Your Travel


Please budget your air travel to arrive and depart from Albany International Airport (ALB). The meeting site is about a 1:20 drive from Albany International Airport. Burlington International Airport is another option at 1:30 drive away from Silver Bay, but organized charter bus service will only be available from/to Albany. 


There will be a fee of $90 ($45 each way) to cover charter bus fare from ALB to Silver Bay YMCA (round trip). 

Accommodation Rates

Accommodation rates depend on whether you select single occupancy or double occupancy. 

The meeting package will include lodging, meals, and taxes at an estimated rate of $150 per night per person for single occupancy and $105 per night per person for double occupancy. The package starts with a meal in the evening (on the day of arrival) and breakfast on the date of departure. Cottages are also available for self-organized groups. Final costs will be available when registration opens.


Package Cost Estimate*

7 nights

(28 Oct - 4 Nov)

6 nights

(29 Oct - 4 Nov)

5 nights

(30 Oct - 4 Nov)




Double room (~$105/night per person)




Single room (~$150/night per person)





Contact site host

Contact site host 

Contact site host 


*Based on check-in and check-out dates. The facility is available for those wishing to extend their stay and for those attending the field trip to Lake Champlain with a check-out date on Saturday, 5 November. The same group rate applies.

**Contact the meeting site host, Dr. Kevin Rose, for more information on availability and pricing for cottages. 


Other Costs

Additional activities are being planned, such as a dinner cruise on Lake George during the week and an excursion to Lake Champlain on Friday, 4 November. These activities may incur additional costs. We will keep the GLEON membership updated.
Updated: 5 July 2022

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