Program Overview


GLEON 2022 All Hands' Meeting Program Overview

In response to feedback, the GLEON 2022 Program Committee has extended the meeting program to begin earlier with a student-only activity and dinner on Saturday evening, workshops on Sunday, and the main beginning on Monday (instead of Tuesday) and continuing through Thursday. This change is to allow more time for working group and ad hoc group meeting time and a group excursion.
Friday, 28 October
  • Arrival for Planning committee, Steering Committee, other individuals and groups as needed.
  • Individuals can also arrive earlier in the week if needed, but should contact site host Dr. Kevin Rose ahead of time.
Saturday, 29 October
  • Travel day for students and workshop attendees
  • Registration
  • GLEON Student Association (GSA) dinner and student-only activity
  • Dinner for other early arrivals
Sunday, 30 October 
  • Travel day for all other attendees
  • Registration
  • Workshops
  • Registration
  • Working Group Facilitation Training (open to all attendees)
  • Dinner
  • Introduction to GLEON & evening mixer
Monday, 31 October
  • Opening Plenary
  • Working Group Meetings
  • Poster Session I & Mixerr
  • Evening Plenary presentation: "Spooky Limnology"
Tuesday, 1 November
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings
  • Site News and Updates
  • Poster Session II, mixer, and ice cream social
  • Evening Panel, or other student-focused event
Wednesday, 2 November
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings
  • Tentative: Lake George steamboat dinner cruise
  • Tentative: Cultural activity
Thursday, 3 November
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings and report back
  • Steering Committee report back
  • Next GLEON meeting presentation
  • Meeting evaluation survey
  • Tentative: Jefferson Project/DFWI Field Trip or afternoon free time/YMCA activities
  • Dinner
Friday, 4 November
  • Excursion to Lake Champlain:. Visit the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory at the Leahy Center, tour and ride on UVM’s new hybrid research vessel on Lake Champlain, and visit to Church Street Marketplace in Burlington.
  • Departures for all others not attending the Lake Champlain trip.
Saturday, 5 November
  • Remaining departures

Updated: 8 May 2022

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