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GLEON 22 All Hands' Meeting, 18-23 October 2020
The Masurian Lake District, Olsztyn-Ryn, Poland

The GLEON 22 All Hands’ Meeting will be held at the CASTLE RYN Hotel**** (Hotel ZAMEK RYN****) in the Masurian Lake District (MLD), Olsztyn-Ryn, Poland. The MLD is covered with more than 2000 natural lakes, many forests, fields and meadows, which makes this area the most popular spot in Poland for recreation and tourism. The MLD is 1730 km2 and comprises the largest lake complex (302 km2) in Poland. The system of lakes, connected by channels, is hydrologically divided into three basins: the northern (615 km2), the central (593 km2) and the southern (961 km2) basins. The MLD also includes big and medium seepage lakes, small (< 50 ha) lakes and wetlands that play a very important role for biodiversity conservation in this region of Poland that was elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.
The GLEON 22 meeting will be hosted by the Polish Limnological Society.
Updated: 6 March 2020

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