Budget Your Travel

You will need to budget for airfare, registration fee, the meeting package (lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes), ground transportation, and other (optional) activities and excursions.

Registration Fee

For G2023, the registration fee is $200 USD for senior members (faculty/scientists/other) and $150 USD for early career scientists (students and postdoctoral researchers). This fee is in accordance with a decision by the GLEON Steering Committee in 2019 to charge a registration fee for All Hands' Meetings, in addition to the "meeting package" for hotel, meals, and other participant costs, to cover the costs of maintaining the organization of GLEON.

Meeting Package Rates

The approximate cost for the meeting package (including lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes) in a double occupancy room is:
  • $576 USD (per person for 6 nights) with check-in on Saturday and check-out on Friday (this is the full meeting package for students and others attending workshops and the main meeting)
  • $497 USD (per person for 5 nights) with check-in on Sunday and check-out on Friday (this is the full meeting package for the main meeting only)
The single occupancy meeting package rate is approximately $635 USD for the 6-night package and $546 USD for the 5-night package. There is limited availability of single occupancy rooms.
Please note: In response to feedback, we have extended the G2023 All Hands' Meeting with student activities beginning on Saturday evening, workshops on Sunday, and the main meeting on Monday-Thursday (rather than the usual Tuesday-Thursday schedule). Please plan travel and budget accordingly. See Program Overview for more details.

Meeting Package Costs (including lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes)

The meeting package will include lodging, meals, onsite activities and taxes. The package starts with a meal in the evening (on arrival) and breakfast on Friday (date of departure for all attendees).

Package Cost Estimate*

7 nights (24 June - 1 July)

6 nights (25 June - 1 July)

5 nights (26 June - July)







Double room







Single room**








*Cost estimate based on 12/1/21 exchange rate 1USD - 4.07 PLN

**Limited availability of single rooms. Reservations for single occupancy rooms will be based on first come, first served basis.


Ground Transportation

Several options exist for ground transportation from Warsaw or Gdańsk airports to the meeting venue (see Travel Information on the meeting website). The host committee will likely organize a chartered bus or shuttle service from both locations on Satuday and Sunday afternoons with a return on Friday morning for approximately $80 USD per person round trip.

Activities and Excursions

Additional minimal fees may be applicable for (optional) activities or excursions.
Updated: 8 May 2022

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