Program Overview


GLEON 2022 All Hands' Meeting, Postponed to 2023 (Dates TBA).
The Masurian Lake District, Ryn, Poland

The GLEON Meeting in Poland is now scheduled for 2023. We will continue to monitor the war in Ukraine and COVID-19 situation closely and keep you informed about the meeting. A Program Overview is provided below for reference and specific dates will be added back once these are confirmed.
Plan travel and budget accordingly to arrive in Poland by Saturday (for students and workshop attendees) or Sunday (if only attending the main meeting) and depart Friday. See Travel Information and Venue & Accommodations for meeting package options.
Saturday, Date TBA
  • Travel day for students and workshop attendees
  • Registration
  • GLEON Student Association (GSA) dinner and student-only activity
  • Dinner for other early arrivals
Sunday, Date TBA
  • Workshops
  • Travel day for all other attendees
  • Registration
  • Working Group Facilitation Training (open to all attendees)
  • Dinner
  • Mixer and introduction to GLEON
Monday, Date TBA
  • Opening Plenary
  • Working Group Meetings
  • Poster Session I
Tuesday, Date TBA
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings
  • Site News and Updates
  • Poster Session II
Wednesday, Date TBA
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings
  • Local excursion
Thursday, Date TBA
  • Working Group and Ad hoc group meetings and report back
  • Steering Committee report back
  • Next GLEON meeting presentation
  • Meeting evaluation survey
  • Masurian Lake Tour
  • Dinner
Friday, Date TBA
  • Excursions (on own)
  • Departures

Updated: 8 May 2022


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