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Map showing the general location of Ryn, Poland

GLEON 2022 All Hands' Meeting, 26 June - 1 July 2022
The Masurian Lake District, Ryn, Poland

The GLEON 2022 All Hands’ Meeting will be held at CASTLE RYN Hotel**** (Hotel ZAMEK RYN****) in the Masurian Lake District in Ryn, Poland.
By Air to Warsaw or Gdańsk
The nearest airport to Ryn is Olsztyn-Mazury (SZY), but international travelers should aim to arrive at Warsaw-Chopin Airport (WAW), Warsaw-Modlin Airport (WMI) or Gdańsk Airport (GDN). The travel time from either airport is about 3 to 3.5 hours.
Ground Transportation to CASTLE RYN Hotel**** (Hotel ZAMEK RYN****)
Several options exist for ground transportation from Warsaw or Gdańsk to the meeting venue.
By chartered bus or shuttle
The host committee will likely organize a chartered bus or shuttle service from both locations on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with a return on Friday. Attendees should plan international travel to arrive in Poland as early in the day as possible on Sunday or Monday and to schedule international departures from Poland as late in the day as possible on Friday if using ground transportation arranged by meeting hosts. Details and costs to be provided during registration.
By Bus
There are also quick bus connections from Warsaw Airport (any) and from Gdańsk to Olsztyn. In Olsztyn, switch to the coach (see below in Train instructions).
By Car
CASTLE RYN Hotel**** (Hotel ZAMEK RYN****) is located at ul. Plac Wolności 2, 11-520 Ryn, Poland. There is only one, but a note of caution: There are a few locations named “Ryn” in the area, so make sure you choose “Hotel Zamek Ryn” or “Ryn Castle.” Or simply use “Hotel Zamek Ryn” in google maps ;). In Ryn, do not use the gate by 59 Rd (not available), just pass by the castle and turn next road left. The main gate to the hotel parking is on Wallenrod Street.
If driving from Warsaw, the most common route is Rd 61 to Ostrołęka, then Rd 53 to Rozogi, then Rd 59 to Ryn. From Gdańsk, use the S7 (an old 7) Rd, passing by Olsztynek (Olsztynek Zachód junction) change to S51 (an old
51) Rd, then In Olsztyn (Olsztyn Południe junction) change to S16->16 Rd and in Mrągowo, to 59 Rd. 
By train
This option is not recommended by the meeting host unless you plan to visit Olsztyn:
From Warsaw to Giżycko, then by coach to Ryn (direction -> Ryn, Mrągowo or Olsztyn, ~25 min.).
From Warsaw to Olsztyn, then by coach to Ryn (direction -> Węgorzewo or Suwałki, ~1hour).
From Gdańsk to Olsztyn, then by coach to Ryn (direction -> Węgorzewo or Suwałki, ~1hour).
Location of the meeting venue in Ryn, Poland. 
Updated: 20 January 2022

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