Request to Participate

GLEON 2023 Pre-registration (aka "Request to Participate") 

  • If you plan to attend the GLEON 2023 All Hands’ Meeting, please fill out the Pre-registrationpreviously known as "Request to Participate (RTP)" 
  • Deadline: TBA
  • Budget Your Travel information will be useful when you are completing the RTP form.
  • This will not be your official registration. The pre-registration data enable meeting hosts to adjust plans according to the projected number of participants, and it enables GLEON to make funding decisions in support of the meeting. There will be an announcement at a later date when the official registration opens for the meeting.

Attention: Graduate Students

  • If you request any travel support in your pre-registration, you must complete a Student Travel Support application by Date TBA to be considered in the funding decisions. For the full information package for students attending the All Hands’ Meeting (what you need to submit, opportunities for you, and what's expected of your participation), please visit the Information for Students page.
  • If you have your own travel funding secured to attend the All Hands’ Meeting, there is no need to submit the Student Travel Support application.

FAQs: Pre-registration


Q1: Do I need to be a GLEON member to submit the Pre-registration or Registration to attend the All Hands’ Meeting?
A1: No, anyone interested in attending** can submit both forms. GLEON membership is not a requirement for attending GLEON meetings. However, you will be expected to become a member when you decide to join GLEON collaborative efforts (e.g. projects, working groups, experiments) that require all team members involved to agree to the GLEON Operating Principles & Procedures.
**Also see the answer to Q4 below.
Q2: What's next after I submit Pre-registration?
A2: You may expect to receive a notification via email with a travel support decision (with some support or with regrets for no support) at a later date.
  • If you are not requesting travel support from GLEON to attend the meeting, look for a message notifying you when registration opens, then go ahead and book accommodations and complete the meeting registration. Do not book accommodation until notified by GLEON to do so.
  • ATTENTION - STUDENTS: If you are requesting any travel support from GLEON, please complete both Student Travel Support Application AND Pre-registration by the deadline. See instructions and links on the Information for Students page.
Q3: How will I receive financial support if I am selected to receive Student Travel Support?
*A3: Travel support may be issued by one of several institutions with an eligible funding source. Exact payment terms and travel documentation/reimbursement details will be provided in the support notification letter.
Q4: What if I missed the deadline to submit the pre-registration - can I still register to attend?
A4: Yes. You are welcome to register once registration opens, provided you can say yes to all of the statements below:
  • I have secured my own travel funds to cover all meeting-related expenses;
  • I have obtained visa(s) required to visit Poland; and
  • I have submitted Registration successfully before any announcements on limitation of number of participants (registration is on first-come, first-served basis).
Updated: 8 May 2022

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