GLEON e-mail lists

  • GLEON technology, codes, models, software development:
  • The retired GLEON-tech email list has a searchable archive that is still accessible. You can find discussions prior to 2013 about hardware and sensing technology among GLEONites, including sensors, dataloggers, wireless networks and instrumented platforms.
  • For questions about the archived GLEON Tech list - please contact Luke Winslow.

GLEON_All Listserv

  • GLEON_ALL is a mailing list that we distribute announcements from GLEON membership & affiliates to the all subscribers (750+ people) to share GLEON Meetings & Workshops, opportunities of research positions, funding opportunities, invitation for participating in new initiatives, trainings, scientific conferences and GLEON community updates.
  • You automatically become a subscriber of GLEON_ALL and GLEON_MEMBERS (see below) mailing lists after your membership application being accepted by both the Membership Subcommittee and the Steering Committee.
  • Q: How do I know whether I am a subscriber to GLEON_ALL mailing list?

    A: If you have received an announcement from Paul Hanson (occassionally from GLEON co-chairs, GSA chair or GLEON All-Hands Meeting Secretariat) with (1) [gleon_all] in the subject line, (2) the same footer as below at the end of that message, you are already a subscriber of GLEON_ALL mailing list.

      You are currently subscribed to gleon_all as: [your own email address].
      To unsubscribe please click here [... a very long URL] or send a blank email to [... another long URL] 
  • If you wish to subscribe to the list for information only and do not want to become a GLEON member yet, please contact Paul Hanson to be added to the list.
  • Q: What is the difference of being a GLEON member and just a subscriber receiving GLEON announcements & opportunities?

    A: We are happy to share information and community updates with all, but for leadership opportunities (see below, GLEON_MEMBERS listserv section), we would like to make sure participants involved have already agreed with and are willing to honor the GLEON Operating Principles and Procedures, as required in the membership application. Therefore only GLEON members receive information for leadership committees nominations, and when the GLEON Steering Committee invite comments and suggestions from the membership on GLEON's organizational development or before making important decisions that change governance or operation structures of the community.

GLEON_Members Listserv

GLEON Lake Management & Reservoir Mailing List

GLEON Spring Blitz Project Mailing List

GLEON_GSA Listserv

  • This listserv is not utilized frequently in recent years. Only GLEON members that are current students have been added to the list. If any question please use the contact form.

Last updated: 29 February 2016

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