Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel (46.26137 N, 10.94934 E; 1,178 m above sea level), a long-term ecological research site since 1995 (LTER site IT09-005-A), is a small (area: 0.4 km2; volume: 7.4 x 106 m3; maximum depth: 39 m) glacial lake located in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park (Trentino, Italy). Geological substrate is dolomite and limestone, and the catchment (40.6 km2) is pseudokarst in nature. The lake has two basins: a deep (39 m) NE basin and a shallow (4 m) SW basin that usually dries in winter. The lake is oligotrophic and ice-covered from December to April. 

A central lake platform was installed in 2009 and is active all-year-round, with a string of temperature (since 2009), DO (2013) and light (2015) sensors and a water level sensor (2010). The on-lake meteorological station measures temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, air pressure, global solar radiation and wind direction and speed. For more information, please see


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