Long Lake, Harrison Maine

Long Lake is a meso-oligotrophic lake in the towns of Harrison, Bridgton and Naples in rural western Maine. The lake is 4,935 acres,  has a watershed of 33,871 acres and is 17.5 meters deep.  There are 3 deep basins, all approximately 17.5 meters deep, on the lake.  The buoy is located in the northern basin and was installed by Lakes Environmental Association (LEA)  in 2016.  It measures oxygen and temperature at multiple locations and has turner cyclops fluorometers at 1 meter, 3 meters and 5 meters below the surface.  Data is collected every 15 minutes and transmitted via cell signal.  LEA also operates another automated buoy on nearby Highland Lake which feeds Long Lake.  That buoy has temperature, oxygen, PAR, chlorophyll and an attached weather station. Data from the Highland Lake buoy is projected live at http://www.mainelakes.org/water-testing-program/highland-lake/   LEA has been collecting long term water quality data on many lakes in the area including both Highland Lake and Long Lake for several decades.  For more information, visit www. mainelakes.org     


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