Site Members

Map of Individual Members and Sites
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Abegondo-Cecebre Reservoir
Alpine Lake Observatory
Archbold Biological Station
Arctic LTER
Asa Research Station
Bald Hill Pond
Beaver Lake
Burrishoole catchment
Cajas National Park
Cayuga Lake
Centre for Limnology, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Crater Lake
Dorset Environmental Science Centre
Falling Creek Reservoir
Ferrum College
Flathead Lake Biological Station
Friends of the Lake / Fairfield University
Gossenkoellesee, University of Innsbruck Institute of Ecology, Austria
Greiner Lake
Hancock Biological Station
High Pond
Holland Pond
Hydroelectric Reservoirs
IISD Experimental Lakes Area
Institute of Earth Sciences
Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
Lacawac Sanctuary
Lake Auburn
Lake Erie Research Center
Lake Erken
Lake Kinneret Laboratory
Lake Langtjern
Lake Paajarvi
Lake Sunapee
Lake Winnebago USGS Observatory
Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Neuglobsow
LeXPLORE station on Lake Geneva
Long Pond
McMurdo LTER
Mohonk Lake
Muggelsee Lake-Station
Myvatn Research Station
New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Oneida Lake
Pakistan Wetlands Programme
Rotorua lakes
Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory
Sistema Hidrologico do Taim/Taim Hydrological System
Stannard Pond
Stortjärn, Krycklan
Taihu Station
Trout Lake Station
UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center
University of Michigan Biological Station
University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center
UW Center for Limnology
WasserCluster Lunz
Water Research Team of HAS, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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