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Annie Buoy met Scrub Ecology Summer Campers in Archbold, Florida

4 July 2014
 "Archbold's scrub campers got a close-up look at the Lake Annie buoy and learned about how it works. Annie Buoy is normally anchored in the middle of the lake but once a year is brought in to the dock for instruments to be cleaned, battteries changed and electronics checked over. The campuers learned from Hilary Swain (Archbold Director) and Evelyn Gaiser (Florida INternational University) how the instruments on the buoy collect data such as lake temperature, light, pH, and oxygen. The data sent from the buoy via a radio sygnal to the Station every 15 minutes, and shared with other scientists around the world. The many tie wraps are deterrent to try and stop birds landing on the buoy." (Text and photo courtesy of Archbold Biological Station and Evelyn Gaiser. Source: Archbold Official Facebook Update, 2 July 2014)
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