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Blog.GLEON is now up and running!

15 August 2014

From the Blog.GLEON editorial desk:

"We are excited to announce to the GLEON community that "Blog.GLEON" has been rolling since August 2014. As the self-explanatory name suggest, Blog.GLEON is a space online for GLEON related news, managed by enthusiastic GLEON volunteers and GSA leadership team. Wed would like to use this medium as the substitue for the previous "GSA Newsletters", by providing the articles more timely and in reader-frieindlier format than lengthy PDFs. This space is not only for students but for everyone in GLEON! If you have any news or update you would like to share with the community by contributing a blog post, with some images or graphs, please let us know ( We all look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Blog.GLEON organizers and GSA admin
Kohji Muraoka, Jennie Brentrup, Facundo Scordo, Hilary Swain, Lisa Borre, Meilan Jiang, Liz Ryder, Jake Zwart, Ludmila Brighenti, Vanesa Perillo, Christian Elowsky and Grace Hong"


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