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Evelyn Gaiser meets President Obama on Earth Day at the Everglades, Florida

24 April 2015

Evelyn Gaiser, lead PI of the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER program and your fellow GLEONite serving on GLEON Steering Committee and co-leading the TTG Working Group, meets U.S. President Obama on Earth Day (22 April 2015). She is interviewed by the NPR on 'All Things Considered' where she talks about the ecosystem change, impact on the environment and water quality at the Everglades coastal area, and the restoration plan. Evelyn is also quoted in the Washington Post, subsequent to her invited visit to brief the White House and the Congress about emerging threat of sea level rise

Here is the link to the full text of President Obama's remarks on the Impacts of Climate Change, delivered at the Everglades National Park. For more details on the Earth Day Everglades activites, please visit the Florida International University (FIU) news link

With GLEON's commitment to the U.S.-led Climate Data Initiative (CDI) and its 'Water Theme', we are glad to see more members and affilated networks' effort to address climate change, develop ecosystem, water-resource planning and resilience tools for local communities through data-driven innovation. 



Image Credits: Left - FIU and Karen Wilkening; Right - Collage by FIU News

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